Spanish in Argentina

This country has become one of the main world centers chosen for learning Spanish. The educational prestige, the wide cultural and touristic offerings and the favorable exchange rates are key factors that make it irresistible.
Spanish is spoken worldwide by more than 400 million people and is the second language of international communication after English
. This condition makes learning it a requisite for those who wish to form part of the global market for work, communications and tourism. And not just for them: the study of other languages in situ has already become a very profitable branch of tourism – known as idiomatic tourism – associated with pleasure and knowledge of the culture and idiosyncrasies of other societies.
The choice of Argentina as a home base to study Spanish grows year after year. In 2007, the number of students increased from 17,000 to 25,000. The busiest months are February, July and August.
The number of centers is growing and include, in addition to universities, study centers distributed throughout the country, which generally offer to facilitate student lodging as well as offering access to other activities (volunteer work, tango classes, sporting activities, rural tourism, adventure tourism and health tourism).
Another motivating factor for coming to Argentina to study Spanish is the existence of the (CELU) (Certificado de Español: Lengua y Uso) Spanish Certificate: Language and Usage